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Babel Fish Translation
Cambridge Dictionary
English Spanish French German Dutch and Swedish dictionary


BandAMP Collab
BandAMP Collaboration FULL instrumental version
BandAMP Indie Music!
BandAMP pandora podcasts interesting

SongLinks MusicalPieces

BandAMP Changes
BandAMP Evilist - (Tease)
BandAMP Evilist - Take 2
BandAMP Ghost V.2
BandAMP Idea 2
BandAMP Poem
BandAMP sunshine hair
BandAMP The Counterclockwise
BandAMP Upperhand


btjunkie - the largest bittorrent search engine
Download music, movies, games, software! The Pirate Bay - 's Werelds grootste BitTorrent tracker
Torrents Search Engine - The Largest Bit Torrent Search Engine


Carpentry - How To Library
Carpentry and Wood Working Tips
Free Google Search Engine for Woodworking Plans and Projects - Free and Fee
HOME BUILDING Different Types of Windows and Roofs DIY Network
Hometime Home Improvement, Remodeling and Repair
Kruyt bv
Norhtgo Deuren; Nederlands fabrikant van luxe voordeuren, binnendeuren, garagedeuren en buitendeuren
Omtzigt-Bouwmaterialen BV
Royal Mouldings Limited - High Quality Cellular Vinyl & Polymer Extrusion Products
SH&M homepage
Soliver Group - Veiligheidsglas
Woodworking and Carpentry


Art of Assembly Language Programming and HLA by Randall Hyde
Download Debuggers-Decompilers-Dissasemblers - Softpedia
Index of alecm
mIRC v5.71 & v5.81 by Rith.
Programmer's tools


SysOpt Forums - How can I upgrade Creative Recorder if my original doesn't work


BBC - Wales - Geriadur
Clywed Cynghanedd -- Geirfa dechnegol
un diwrnod...


911 Twin Towers Illusion Video
Albino Blacksheep -
CollegeHumor Movie See if you can guess the puzzle on this hysterical gameshow blooper. Hint it is not a banana in a top hat masturbating.
Comedian Confronted By Offended Women -
Crazy Stuntman Video
FilmLadder, filmagenda en bioscoopagenda van Nederland, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam en Den Haag. Filmladder met reserveren
Guitar Shred Show - Mr.Fastfinger
Jokes Page from
Jouw filmplek! Bioscoopagenda Nederland Stadsagenda's, filmnieuws, filmagenda's en meer - Nederland en Vlaanderen - Amsterda
Lalaila Video
Laugh It Video
Metacafe - discover the world's best videos
My Lawnmower - Funny Videos
Original Script of Revolutions...
Pix Weird photos 40_G
Pix Weird photos
Praise the Lord
Prank Calls Gone Horribly Wrong Video
Stupid Woman Driver Video
Supermodels Video
This Is Possible Only In ... Video
Weird Pictures Weird News Strange Bizarre Unusual Sexy Girls
WW2 BOMBER On Google Earth!!! Video
YouTube - Blue Man Group video featured on Earth To America!
YouTube - Borat (2)
YouTube - Borat Animal Lover
YouTube - Borat Meets David Letterman
YouTube - Borat-Hunting The Jew
YouTube - Borat
YouTube - Cockroach Controlled Mobile Robot
YouTube - Jewish rabbi calls for Israel not to exist
YouTube - Science Party Trick
YouTube - The best optical illusion in the world!
YouTube - Walking, Wind Powered Art



C&C Generals Zero Hour World Builder - CNC Generals World
CnC Source - Your #1 Source For Everything Command and Conquer
CnCWorld Command & Conquer, Tiberium Wars, The First Decade, Generals, Red Alert, Tiberian Sun
Command & Conquer Generals - 1.08 Patch - MegaGames patches
Command and Conquer DEN - Featuring C&C 3 and games by EA & Westwood Studios

DeltaForce - Official Downloads


Emperor Battle for Dune for PC - Emperor Battle for Dune PC Game - Emperor Battle for Dune Computer Game
FED2k - Bi-La Kaifa
[MADSHRIMPS]-HWFaq -- Emperor Battle For Dune Game Guide



Take 2 Games - Take 2 Games Support

Grand Theft Auto 3 GTA Warehouse
Grand Theft Auto III FAQs - Grand Theft Auto III Walkthroughs - Grand Theft Auto III Guides
Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories FAQs - Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories Walkthroughs - Grand Theft Auto Liberty C
Grand theft auto, the ljnks page - De Nederlandse Grand Theft Auto community!
Index of -vc-maps



Adventure mods - Reviews and free downloads at - Can somebody here make me 2 ped mods
Google Search gta .dir files open view
Grand Theft Auto - spaceeinstein
GTA Import-Export Tool Script - Tutorial - Beginner's guide to modding - setting car immunities - Troubleshooting - [DOCS]Complete Map Files Documentation - [GUIDE] SFX Files Archive - [VC] Player Model Editing [Help] How to make a Shell32 bmp
PlanetGrandTheftAuto - A Member of the GameSpy Network-RHESTR - Steve's GTA Page - Tutorials
Suction Testicle Man's Autoyard
ZModeler2 homepage

PlanetGrandTheftAuto - A Member of the GameSpy Network
PlanetGrandTheftAuto Forums


Ancient Rome
Anglo-Saxon England
British History
British Prehistory
Early British History
Encyclopedia Germanic tribes
Encyclopedia Prehistoric Britain
Etext Center Collections
Linguistic Connections in regard to Atlantis
Nation Index
The Saxon invasions of England - Gildas
World History
Xah Milk, Tits, Caryatids (2)


Land Rover Club Holland - Persoonlijke Websites (B), Persoonlijke Websites (NL), Persoonlijke Websites (WW), Clubs, Groeper
Paddock Spares - Land Rover, Range Rover Parts & Accessories - Discovery, Defender and Freelander
ron bolleboom land rover
VIS' Landrover supplies


Miscellaneous The New View over Atlantis Explore similar items
BBC - Bradford and West Yorkshire - Features - Mars meets Earth!
BBC - Cumbria - In Pictures - Cumbrian Summer Solstice ...
British Government links in the UK
Crop Circles And UFO'S.
Easily Send Large Files! Free Accounts!
Eclipse 2006, Turkey
Exelent NEWS PAGE Links
Expatica - Living in, moving to, or working in the Netherlands, plus Dutch news in English
Fractals for the compleat idiot
Geometry.Net - The Online Learning Center
George Boole - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Google Image Result for
Hebden Bridge Sculpture Trail
index here be dragons
IR Pass Filters & Infrared Lens for Sony NightShot 0lux X-ray Video Cameras Vision Cam Xray Digital Camcorders Film Voyuerism C
Map of United Kingdom
ROBO - Start
So You Wanna Copyright Your Song No. You NEED to Copyright Your Song.
The World Clock - Time Zones
Total Solar Eclipse of 2006 March 29
WebmasterWorld News and Discussion for the Independent Web Professional
What is Copyright Protection
WWW FAQs How do I get my own favorites icon
www.myspace.comadamfreelandmusic - fun
Yahoo! Answers – Get answers, ask questions, find information
ZAP! FM - Home


Four Tet – Music at
SoundClick - Free MP3 music download and much, much more.


analogue birds-TOM
BandAMP™ — Hall of Fame -- Index


Cubase SX3 Dongle Crack Working for real belive me!!!! - The Pirate Bay
PcMus, How to Setup Cubase 5.x
Steinberg.Cubase.SX.v3.1.1.944-H2O + Tutorial - The Pirate Bay

FL Studio Video Tutorials - Drum Tabs
FL Studio Video Tutorials - FL Studio Video Tutorials, computer music tutorials and free loops.
freesound home page
freesound view user DJ Chronos
headphone - SellaBand
Heavy metal radio and seventies punk rock music radio stations - Schwermetall wiegen Musik - Musicians Web Center
How to Record and Process Vocals in your Home or Project Studio
Kjaerhus Audio - Professional Audio Plugins
KVR All Plug-ins On One Page
Live365 - Oldboys Rock Classics
SectionZ Electronic Music Community - All Computer Music Enthusiasts Welcome
The Music Broker Network - Get a Record Deal, Get Your Music in TV shows
Totem Spectre - SellaBand
YouTube - reactable basic demo #1
YouTube - reactable basic demo #2
YouTube - reactable improvisation demo


Myspace Generators - MySpace Generators, MySpace Codes, MySpace Editor, - Pimp My Page


Choosing a Mixer for Your Home Studio
Effects! Using Effects in the Home, Project or Pro Studio
EQ and the Limits of Audio
How to Record and Process Vocals in your Home or Project Studio
PcMus Tips How to use an Audio Compressor.
Post Processing for Vocal Tracks
Recipes for Song Construction with MIDI Sequencers and Synthesizers
The EQ Primer
The Wide Asleep Band Pages - Recording Info
Tutorial - Using effects - Gating Techniques
Tutorials - the full list of tutorials currently available online.


ANWB Routeplanner
AutoTelegraaf, auto's kopen en auto's verkopen, occasions zoeken, nieuws, testverslagen. Zoek een occasion, bedrijfswagen, klassieker of schadeauto. Occasions kopen en verkopen.
Routenet Routeplanner


Howstuffworks How Solar Cells Work
Waar zijn zonnepanelen en -systemen te koop
zonnestroompanelen in Nederland - pakketten


1111 O'Clock Explained - what is it all about
Cosmic Mysteries of Mithras Mithraism Ancient Religion
Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish Tribute Album by Jack Fancy
hella north netherland Norse history - Google Search
Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to heaven!
mithraic - Google Search
Origin of the Satanic Hand Sign


Cosmic Mysteries of Mithras Mithraism Ancient Religion_files

The Hindu The goat and its tail
Welcome to the works of Gwydihw
Witches' Voice - 04 February, 2007 - 101918 AM


A Video Card Upgrade Install Guide, Computer Upgrade, Graphics Board, Video Adapter, Graphics Accelerator, A My Super PC Sit
Configuring Windows Explorer - Bugs
Converter & Ripper for DVD MPEG AVI MP4 MP3 iPod Video and Audio CD
COTSE-NT Command Reference
COTSE-Windows NT Commands
Essential DOS Commands
Free Spyware Remover - Spy Ware Removal and Internet Privacy Test
Hardware Analysis - Forum - Windows Mini111303-01.dmp ERROR why
Hitman Pro
How to get into your computer's BIOS
http192.168.1.1 - Tuning Windows XP for AudioMusic Applications
Windows 98
Windows process and task list


Adding OEM Display Adapters to Windows NT Display Tool
Configuring Windows Explorer - Bugs
Create A Bootable Windows XP Installation CD Slipstreamed with SP1
Download Windows XP Service Pack 2 XP SP2 (Full package)
How to Create a Bootable CD-ROM Hardware Secrets
Search Results
Windows XP How-to Articles
Windows XP Keyboard Shortcuts
Windows XP Tweaking Guide - Page 5


Just Friends Media -Downloads
muziekproducties op bestelling
STEMMENWEB - zoeken - onderframe
The Excellent Voice Company Ltd
Van Duuren Media
Voice123 - Voice Overs
Voiceover Narration & Audio Production Services - IMedge Communications - Voiceovers Ltd - voiceover voice talent voice-overs artists
Welcome to international voice agency Inter Voice



Cascading Style Sheets, level 1(01)
Cascading Style Sheets, level 1
CSS Properties-----WDG
CSS2 Reference
Dave Raggett's Introduction to CSS
HTML Style Sheets - HTML Code Tutorial
JavaScript Kit- Comprehensive JavaScript, DHTML, CSS tutorials and over 400+ free JavaScripts!
Learning CSS
List Style Type


Dreamweaver Tutorial

AboutFLASH Macromedia Flash Resources and Tutorials
Becoming a Flash 5 Master
Embedding Sound with Flash, Part I The Basics - Doc JavaScript -
Flash 5 Tutorial - Part 6
Flash 8 & ActionScript Tutorials
Flash 8 Tutorials Index
Flash Audio Create a mp3 player with animated equalizer and playback controls! Tutorial
Flash Audio Make sound-effects players Tutorial
Flash Kit, A Flash Developer Resource for Macromedia Flash 8 and MX Tutorials SWF FLA images clipart Sounds WAVS Animations
Flash Kit, A Flash Developer Resource for Macromedia Flash MX Tutorials SWF FLA images clipart Sounds WAVS Animations Help a
Flash mx tutorials including tweening, actionscripting, and other cool effects Developing Webs Tutorials
Flash Tutorial Dropdown Menu -
Flash Tutorials and Free Files for Cartoonists and Other Flash Developers
FlashSound API - Sonify Sites with Flash
gotoAndPlay() Flash games, tutorials and game development
Learn Flash 3 - shockwave flash tutorial covering all buttons & menu's - shape tint and motion tweening - plug-in detection
Loops Tutorials
Macromedia Flash MX Audio Tutorials
Sound Playback in Flash MX 2004
Swift-Tools - Flash Tutorials Table of Content!


Basic HTML Tip Tutorial - Tips n Tags For Forum - Message Boards - Guestbooks
Customize Your Myspace - Generators, Profile Editor, MySpace Layouts, Graphics, Tweaks, Video Codes, and more!
DevGuru HTML Tag input
HTML 3.2 Reference Specification
HTML Code Tutorial - Free Reference Guide for Help with HTML Tags Including Form, Frames, Tables, and more!
HTML HTML Quick List - HTML Code Tutorial
HTML Tutorial
Idocs Guide to HTML
Introduction to Filters and Transitions (Internet Explorer - DHTML)
Meta Tags Explained
Myspace - Myspace Codes - Myspace Backgrounds - Myspace Graphics
NCSA -- A Beginner's Guide to HTML
OBJECT Element object Object
PimpMyArea The #1 MySpace Profile Resource
Popup tutorial to create and close popups on your website!
SitePoint Forums - Hide show layer - rest of page positioned dynamically
SitePoint Forums - Showhide layer dependent on Browser
Visual Filters and Transitions Reference (Internet Explorer - Filters)
Web Multimedia Tutorial


27. A Wee Dose of JavaScript
BrainCode JavaScript Index
Client-Side JavaScript Reference
How to View the Source of External JS Files - JavaScript Windows FAQ Knowledge Base
Javascript Codes
JavaScript Examples
JavaScript programming [Archive] -
JavaScript Source Free JavaScripts, Tutorials, Example Code, Reference, Resources, And Help
JavaScript Tutorials
JavaScript Windows FAQ
The JavaScript Source Games Galaxy Defender II


Create Toolbar, Make Your Own Toolbar
Cute Kitten Graphics - tutorials
Google Search how to make alpha layer bmp
MajorGeeks Support Forums - Graphics section started
Making Transparent GIFs


The Sims Resource - Downloads for The Sims!_files

Paint Shop Pro 7 Tutorials
Paint Shop Pro Interactive Zone
PSP Cloud 9 - Stationery page 1
PSP Interactive Zone - Tutorials
The Sims Resource - Downloads for The Sims!
Tracy Marks' Photoshop Bookmarks
Tutorials for Creating Animations with Jasc Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop


Eyeball Design - FxZone 2001 Photoshop Tutorials
Laurie McCanna's Professional GUI Design and Free Art Site - Download Free Web Graphics, Learn about Photoshop and Adobe Pho
phong » tutorials [ photoshop, flash, pov-ray & polar graphing tutorials ]
Photoshop Tutorials - Free Photoshop tips and Tricks -
Photoshop Tutorials -- Absolute Cross
Photoshop Tutorials and Downloads - - Photoshop Tutorials
Shadowness Art Community - Find The Best Free Photoshop Tutorials


All Unix CGI Perl 5 Scripts available at .. free scripts
BIG SAM - [Built-In Guestbook Stand-Alone Module]
build a php guestbook - Google Search
check file type php script - Google Search
Connecting to a mySQL database and creating a mySQL table
Create MySQL Database With PHP
Creating a Database With MySQL
Download Download Center Lite -
FileHungry - PHP-Shopping-Cart-Tutorial
Free PHP Downloads, Tutorials and Articles
Free PHP Scripts PHP Resources - The Script Dungeon
how to create mysql tables - Google Search
HTMlite tutorials. Using text editors to create web pages. Easy to learn.
iFrame Tutorial - IFrames described in detail!
Jack's Scripts Formmail.php Documentation
Matt's Script Archive, Inc. Free Perl CGI Scripts
MySQL - Introduction.
MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual 13.1.5 CREATE TABLE Syntax
MySQL Commands
MySQL Tutorial - Create Table
MySQL Tutorial
Open Source Web Development Tutorials - Dev Shed
PHP Example Scripts
PHP Help Complete Guestbook
PHP Help PHP Code Examples
PHP Installation
PHP MySQL Shopping Cart Tutorial - Introduction
PHP MySQL Tutorial
PHP Scripts
PHP Tell A Friend Form Script (Send URL to Friend via Form Submission)
PHP Tutorial - Part 1
PHP Tutorial Writing Your First PHP Script A Feedback Form (a FormMail Script) (
PHP tutorials
Sami Site CuteSITE Builder - CSB support Trellix support and tutorials
ShoutPro PHP Shoutbox
w2box - Web 2.0 File Repository for PHP - Articles and Tutorials - An intro to using the GD image library with PHP
Webmonkey programming php


Dynamic Drive DHTML Scripts- VML Editor
VML - the Vector Markup Language
VML Provides XML-based Graphics for the Web

ADS-Make money - gouden tips, tools, links, top 40, forum, javascript, lessen...

Can I add a Wikipedia search box to my Web site or blog from the Ask Dave Taylor! Tech Support Blog
Chat definitions


AColor Chart by VisiBone
ASP.NET Color Chooser Sample


Dynamic Drive CSS Library- CSS Image Drop Shadows
Dynamic Drive DHTML Scripts- VML Editor
Dynamic Drive DHTML(dynamic html) & JavaScript code library!
Dynamic Drive- Dynamic Content
Dynamic Drive- Elastic Band Trail


the Dingbat pages


Editing ASP Files with Microsoft FrontPage 2000 (Front Page 2000 Technical Articles)
How to write HTML forms
Input Type=Image
Microsoft ASP.NET QuickStarts Tutorial


Avoiding URL problems with your framed web site., Code
Frames Tutorial
Frameset page
Free Javascript Windows and Frames Tutorials
Fun with frames Script floating frames
Fun with Frames

How to Make an Awesome Website


JavaScript Menu Examples Apycom DHTML Menu Examples


101 things you can do in Mozilla


Computing.Net - Embedded sound loops in Firefox
Deepsound Music - JC Lemay - musicien compositeur
Demonstration of Different ways to Play a Sound from a Web Page
Directory of sites that offer MP3 and WAV loops for download, for free! Find great music and tunes for your SWF movies!
HammerSound - HTML Sounds Tutorial, Bringing Sound to Your Web Pages
How To Embed streaming andor autoplay WMA's for Firefox (and IE).
JavaScript Made Easy Free JavaScripts Tutorials Example Code
Loopers Delight File Library - reClock [powered by jamma]
Multimedia Tag Reference
Music loop - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Tutorials
Vocal Downloads by vocal downloads, vocal samples, acapella vocals, free vocal samples, royalty free voc
Windows Media Player Reference


overLIB - Command Reference


Open Web Design - Home


Copy- Version 2
Fade Background Color
Frameset page
Index of -misc
JavaScript Error
L E D Panel Script
Marquee Emulator - Vertical Scroller
Page Scroller
Random Background Music
Side Menu Navigation - Version 2
The Script Asylum - Javascripts, DHTML, and more
WindowsXP Progress Indicator


PHP scripts
SimplytheBest DHTML dropdown news script
SimplytheBest DHTML dynamic vertical popup menu script
SimplytheBest DHTML horizontal dropdown menu script
SimplytheBest DHTML horizontal dropdown menu script2
SimplytheBest DHTML iFrame script inside frame script
SimplytheBest DHTML menu bar script
SimplytheBest DHTML popup information box
SimplytheBest DHTML rollover buttons with sound effect script
SimplytheBest DHTML Scripts dropdown menu script
SimplytheBest DHTML scripts dropdowns and list boxes with style
SimplytheBest shareware freeware software hosting DHTML scripts fonts sounds drivers music

Site Building Glossary


Event Attributes
Google Search button value
HTML DOM Event Object
HTML DOM Window Object
HTML DOM Window Object2
HTML Tutorial
The td tag

Web-Tools-Miscellaneous-Scripts WebMaster Scripts and Resources - Dynamic HTML Scripts
Download free Google Sitemap generator phpSitemapNG -
Draac.Com - Building A Better Internet
Dynamic Drive- Dynamic Content
EchoEcho.Com - Complete Web tutorials - HTML - JavaScript - Flash - Java Applets - Graphics - CGI - Design
Geekpedia • Programming Tutorials
Google Code - Sitemaps Third Party Programs & Websites
Google Search button value
LoneWolf's Lair
Meta Tags Explained
ODP - Open Directory Project
Search Engine Positioning Articles
Site Building Glossary
The JavaScript Source Games Galaxy Defender II
URLinfo beta Fagan Finder
Web and Auction Tools from ISDNtek
Web Helping Hand
Webmaster Forum SEO, Google, Programming, Hosting, Web Design, Marketing
WebmasterWorld News and Discussion for the Independent Web Professional - The Webmaster's Reference Library - Web Authoring Tips & Tutorials for Developers
WWW FAQs How do I get my own favorites icon

XR4Free Solutions
XRHosting Frequently Asked Questions


EarthCam - Webcam Network - Map Search
Online Camera Links
Snowdon Weather Stations Project - Home Page
WebWinds Personal Pages of Tracy Marks  webcams, webcards, ice skating photography, articles, Internet resources


On-line Dictionary Frisian - English
AltaVista - Babel Fish Translation
BBC - Wales - Geriadur
File Preview and Search
Gaelic Pronounciation Guide
LOWLANDS-L archives -- July 2005, week 1 (#10)
LOWLANDS-L archives -- November 2002, week 4 (#34)
Lowlands-L • a discussion group for people who share an interest in languages and cultures of the Lowlands
Lyrics Vault Lyrics search engine for Golden Oldies, Evergreens, Lyrics to remember
Main Page - lyrics from LyricWiki
Online Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus. Free access.
Vocalist - Voice Training and Free Singing Lessons Online
Woordenboek Vlaamse Gebarentaal For Writers