Switch Designs original GTA Vice City mods

You' ve had it all playing GTA Vice City: cars, bikes, helicopters and...planes?? Well one plane actually, the Skimmer, and unfortunately not a good one. It is slow, noizy and lands only on water. What a drag! But wherever is a problem, there's a solution. And this F-18 model is the solution you where asking for...
Originally created by Phil from Philsfiles (verywildduck@mail.ru) for GTA3 and presented as a GTA VC mod at http://www.gtagaming.com by Switch Designs (switchdesigns@att.net), this model was recontructed by Makis T.(makis@kdiweb.net) to add a number of features like moving flaps and shining surfaces.
The behaviour of the plane has completely changed and it will trully replace the old skimmer plane with an F-18 fighter with all the bells and whistles. It really feels like it's an original model from the game and you won't even miss the old skimmer!

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Download ZIP file, unZIP, follow instructions, enjoy, learn :

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