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One of the best

Vice City I was introduced to GTA-Vice City a few years ago, I still love it and play it regularly these days just to relax. Start a war, get wanted, drive over a few peds, you know how it goes.
Our hero Tommy Vicetti does a deal that goes wrong, leaving him skint in Vice City. You can probably guess the rest, if you cant, go play the game, it's superb!

I've tried my hand at moding with varying results, some of which are to be seen in the pictures below. The other pictures are funny glitches that I came across along the way.

1. Follow that car 2. I wonder what I forgot? 3. Of course, Tommy can't swim! 4. How dose that 'no-wheel' mod work? 5. 'The law' above us all!

The following are some useful GTA-VC links ;

These are LINKS to MOD developers pages, tutorials, programs and help ;

  • - Olegs place, read about Zmodler and more :ZModeler2
  • - An unique GTA site with mods and instructions :Suction Testicle Man
  • - THE Steve-M's GTA page :steve-m
  • - Tools Tools and more Tools :GTA Tools
  • - Check this site out for an excellent handling.cfg and a whole lot more : projectcerbera
  • - Downloads - mods, tools, tutorials, trainers and maps :
  • - Most of the original Switch mods and more :
  • - Pictures of nearly all the Vice City vehicles,
    for when you're modding or doing collectors missions :

I'm modding again, here are some important SOFTWARE links and free downloads of 'selected' files ;

  • - If you cant find projectcerberas handling.cfg, pick mine up here : Download : overhaul0-8 - you do need to rename it handling.cfg
  • - Looking for a registered zModeler ? - you must register to access the site
  • - A relatively good, starters walk-through to GTA modding
  • - This is a RAR of the original zModeler HTML and *.z3d tutorials on how to create a car
    It is from 2003 so the latest program is set up differently but it's in depth and is in comprehensible English, I presume it was written by Oleg, it doesn't say.
    I will edit it one day to read a little easier.
    You may prefer this to a 90m/h youTube video !
    :Download : zmodeler HTML tutorial

  • - For those interested in The Original Switch Design Mods for Vice City I've uploaded the whole lot and made a page for them here : Switch_Designs_original_GTA_Vice_City_mods

Tommy V

GTA - San Andreas

The next in line

After having played GTA - VC for a year or so Rockstar North brought out the next mega game, GTA - San Andreas, and like all the other GI Joes I also had to own a copy of it. What an excellent game, its that simple.
CJ, our main man, comes home to find the hood over-run by crack-heads and bent cops.
It's a big story line set on 3 big islands. From the Hood to the bright lights of the casinos and back to the Hood, stoping nearly everywhere in between.
I've only recently acquired a copy for the PC so I haven't started SA Modding yet.

1. hanging about 2. hanging about some more 3. still hanging about 4. What a BIG game!

Here are some GTA - SA links ;


Emperor - Battle for DUNE

"I smell fear"

The first strategy game that I played and still do, set to the story of the classic books by Frank Herbert, Emperor is a beautiful game.
With very good 3D graphics and an array of units and building to construct, the story line, single player and multiplayer can keep one enthralled for hours.

1. An Ordos base 2. A Harkonnen base 3. An Atreides base 4. I feel sick!!

These are some useful EMPEROR links ;


Captain Claw

A cats tail

I haven't played this game for a few years now, but when I did it was a wonderful gaming experience. A beautifully animated platform game telling the story of how our buccaneering hero Captain Claw battles his way through 14 levels to collect 9 gems and an amulet, filling his pocket with treasures on the way. A real platform adventure.

1. A Claw Screenshot 2. The game cover 3. A mouse

Here are some links to some groovy CLAW sites ;

Captain Claw
A Siren
A Hound Soldier

And Claw

Tomb Raider

Living the Lara dream

Undoubtedly the sexiest heroin to grace a PC monitor, Lara Croft's adventures span 7 games to date, each one made up of several levels, all part of her life story as a world explorer on the trail of various artifacts and mysteries.
Though she regularly takes out the bad guys and a few apes along the way I'd still call Tomb Raider a 'nice' game. Lara has some excellent moves, the scenery is always vast and even though the games are not free-roaming getting to the next bit is always a challenge.

1. Legend 2. Legend 3. Legend 4. Legend 5. Tomb Raider III

These are some Links to Lara ;

Miss Croft

San Andreas

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