So you've found your self a 404

It seems that you're looking for something that is not.
You may though, by looking through the rest of the site that is, find exactly what you're really looking for .....

Desk top and Home page, you can reach every part of the site from here, open special tool pages and brows my network.

Carpentry and Joinery. U heeft een timmerman nodig?

A very handy multisearch page, type in your query, use any of the given search links to directly search that particular site.

My wordPress blog pages, some rambling thoughts and observations, those moments when I feel like sitting down and writing about it all.

The games we play ..... GTA Vice City, Emperor of Dune, Claw, Tomb Raider etc, links downloads and info.

These are the original Switch Designs mods for GTA VC, there are a 113 of them. It's a lot of learning and a lot of fun.

Looking for some icons? These are some very nice icons ready for your Rocket Dock or Mac Menu or even use them for your system folders.

Over a 1000 Babes on one page ..... not for miners !

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